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About us

We are Data & Analytics consulting company committed to delivering high-end solutions and products. Our expertise enables our clients to unlock hidden opportunities within data, become data-driven, and make better business decisions.

What We Do?

We provide and implement E2E Cloud Data & Analytics solutions in areas of Data management, Data Governance, Advanced Analytics and Advanced Performance Management.

As a response to our clients’ needs we also create our own software and solutions, as well as provide Data Migration services to clients who wish to leave their legacy systems behind and switch to cloud.

E2E Cloud Data & Analytics Solutions

  • Data Management & Governance
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Planning
  • Data Migration

Focus, Knowledge and Best Practices

  • Cross-industry knowledge and best practice
  • Domain and methodology expertise
  • Extensive experience with entire Data & Analytics lifecycle
  • Partnership with world technology leaders
  • Client focused and value driven approach

Proven Agile Methodology

  • Accelerators, frameworks and best practices
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Project management
  • DataOps


We believe the only way to do business is to build it around values that incorporate sustainability and transparency.


  • Equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Development programs


  • BIRD Incubator
  • Efficient electricity use
  • Almost no paper business


  • Transparency
  • Internal policies
  • Risk and compliance


Market leaders recognize us as valuable partners.

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