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The list of companies that use XBRL Point to generate their reports

Client Testimonials

We chose Poslovna inteligencija as a business and technology partner, in order to adapt our financial statements to the new XBRL format. The implementation of the XBRL Point solution was quick and simple, and we were particularly happy with all the training and support along the way, as it enabled us to use the solution independently and to generate reports very quickly.

- Kraš d.d.

The application is very transparent, user friendly and it is easy to learn how to use it. XBRL Point is very intuitive for anyone familiar with financial reporting. The support in Poslovna inteligencija d.o.o. was helpful and agile in solving any technical difficulties that arose.

- Zdravka Krizmanić, Head of Controlling, Granolio - September 2022

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