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The Capital Market Act stipulates that all the companies listed on the stock exchange are obliged to prepare annual financial reports in XHTML format.

Issuers of financial statements are required to mark the elements of the annual financial reports with XBRL tags (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).

Marking with XBRL tags is to link individual elements of the financial statements with a specific item of the valid taxonomy.

Our Solution – XBRL Point

XBRL Point helps companies prepare compliant XBRL reports without understanding complex XBRL syntax.

Our solution delivers a simple and intuitive user interface that helps you quickly and effectively generate XBRL reports.

With support and education from our XBRL experts, you will be able to satisfy all ESEF & UKSEF requirements without a problem.


Intuitive user interface with powerful AI-powered features and dedicated customer support

Intuitive and Easy to Use Interface

We designed the interface to be simple and intuitive to use.

You will be able to start generating XBRL reports in no time.

Drag & Drop or AI Powered Automatic Tagging

With drag & drop functionality, you can choose to tag taxonomy elements manually.

Tagging can also be automated with - AI powered automatic tagging.

Customer Support and Training

Our experts provide training for our users, while our customer support is here to take care of any further inquiries.

Key Functionalities

Simple preparation and delivery of annual reports in iXBRL format

Manage Taxonomies

Valid ESEF & UKSEF taxonomy - The initial version of the application comes with a valid ESEF & UKSEF taxonomy.

Simple download - Simple download of the newly published ESEF & UKSEF taxonomy.

Multilingual - Multiple choice of taxonomy language for the tagging purpose.

Search - Search taxonomy elements by its name.

Create Projects & Import Reports

Project - Central place for defining company information and financial reports.

Report settings - Report settings defined in one central place are applied on all tagged facts.

Period settings - Defined report period will be applied on all tagged facts.

Import report - Import financial statements from different formats.

Simple Tagging Process

Drag & drop - Manual tagging made fast and easy.

AI powered automatic tagging - Matching the names of financial statement reports with the names of taxonomy elements.

Search - Easy search options by elements and groups of elements.

Time saving - Enables preparing ESEF or UKSEF report in one day.

Integrated Validations

Built-in controls - Built-in controls reduce possibility of error.

Arelle validator - Integrated Arelle report validator, compliant with ESMA.

Automatic update - All updates are automatically reflected in the entire project.

Easy Preview and Export

Inline preview - Interactive preview with marked XBRL tags and belonging fact properties.

Download - Download either as an XBRL zip package or an interactive inline preview.

XBRL Certified

XBRL Point software is XBRL-certified software, which means you don't need to worry about special syntax - everything is compliant.

XBRL Europe Membership

XBRL Europe is a European organization consisting of existing European XBRL jurisdictions members plus XBRL International and direct members.


XBRL Point is a plug & play XBRL solution that you can have up and running in just a few days

1. Installation

The installation process is quick and it usually takes only a few days for XBRL Point to be up and running.

2. Training

Our experts will train you to work with the XBRL Point software.

3. Support

In case any additional questions or issues should arise, we have a support team trained to help you.

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