XBRL Point product is XBRL Certified Software™

We are excited to announce that our XBRL Point solution has passed XBRL software certification!

XBRL Point product is XBRL Certified Software™, and has a current certification as Report Creation Software for the XBRL modules detailed on XBLR certification details .

Poslovna inteligencija has already gained the trust of 25% of the domestic XBRL market with its in-house developed XBRL Point solution and now we are ready to step up our game internationally.

“XBRL Point has already been recognized by the market, and the feedback that we keep receiving from our clients has always given us reasons to be optimistic. XBRL Certification now officially confirms what we already knew – we have a fantastic, globally competitive XBRL Solution.”, said Slađana Krpić, Board Member of Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting.

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